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What’s The Deal With Waldorf Dolls?

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If you are not familiar with Waldorf dolls or Steiner philosophy, you may look at these dolls and wonder why so many are infatuated with  them.

Waldorf dolls are made with love, attention and intention.

The love comes from the dollmaker who spends countless hours stitching, stuffing, and moulding the doll into shape. Not to mention designing, stitching, knitting and crocheting beautiful things for them to wear.

There is a lot of attention to detail, resulting in a heirloom quality toy that will be loved and cherished for a lifetime and beyond.

These dolls are made with the intention to keep them simple. Steiner is all about fostering imagination in children. These dolls do not blink, cry, eat, pee or walk… that is except in the child’s imaginative play.

Blonde or brunette, just one of many hard choices with custom waldorf dolls

The doll’s facial features are purposely made simple: their eyes are a single colour, the mouth is straight across and there is a suggestion of a nose. Keeping the face “open,” the child can easily imagine the doll is happy, angry, scared, crying…all the emotions they are going through themselves. There are no plastic perma-smiles here! The body is soft and flexible, allowing natural postures. They are stuffed firmly with wool, making the doll substantial when picked up.

The dolls are made with natural materials exclusively. The wool stuffing is not only sweet smelling, but will take on the child’s smell from all their cuddles. Wool is also warming to the touch. If you were to pick up a plastic and then a Waldorf doll with you eyes shut for a snuggle, imagine how different they would feel.

And last but not least, they are just so darn cute!

waldorf doll simplicity at its best


NadineWhat’s The Deal With Waldorf Dolls?


  1. Heather Rathke

    I agree!! These dolls are unique and beautiful! I wish that I had been given one when I was young!

  2. Sandra McNulty

    In the free sweater pattern, what makes the border down the fronts? Shouldn’t each row end in knit stitches? I am following directions and mine does not look like yours. Also, doesn’t the buttonhole belong on the other side of the front? I am confused. Been knitting 52 years and it’s not correct, I think. Sandra

    1. Nadine Mullins

      Hi Sandra, you are right, I forgot the directions on the purl rows for the garter ridge. As for the button, not sure what you mean…
      This is my first written pattern!
      All edited now,
      Thanks :)

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