Wefted Away!

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Have seen the newest trend in Waldorf Dolls?  Wefted hair is all the rage!

Weft is hair (yak, sheep, goat) used in a wig, either sewn or crocheted, instead of yarn. I have been having a lot of fun playing with Teaswater and curly yak (shown in the photos).

Not one to be an “old dog who can’t learn new tricks,” I have hopped on the weft bandwagon.

The result?  GORGEOUS!  The dolls really come alive with this type of wig.

Stay tuned next full moon for some really exciting uploads!

Nadine xox

NadineWefted Away!


  1. sally lorentz

    Dear Nadine,
    Pinterest said that there was a free knitting pattern for the little bolero sweater. I would love to have it if I could. I can’t find it on the web site. Your dolls are spectacular. Wish I still had a little girl so I could gift her with one. Love your creativity.

    1. Nadine Mullins

      Hi Sally,
      sorry it took awhile to respond…we have been moving!
      The blog post of the pattern should be all fixed up now.
      Nadine :)

  2. Annabelle Jackson

    Hi Nadine, I want to purchase a 12 inch custom doll with weft hair (so beautiful!) – just wondering when do I give preference for hair/eye/clothes colour etc. and do you have any pics of the options? I assume I pay for the doll then you contact me? Also how much would it be for an extra set of clothes? Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Annabelle,
      Thank you very much. There is a section when you check out that says “notes” and you can leave me all of your preferences for your special one of a kind doll there. You can look at my FB page for more pics of dolls to get an idea of hair, just let me know what colour/texture you like. An extra set of clothes (dress, sweater and shoes) will be $35. I look forward to getting started!
      Nadine xox

  3. Alex

    Hi Nadine,

    I am wondering if I can buy a weft hair wig from you? I’m looking for a brown one. I can’t seem to find anywhere I can buy one?!



    1. Author

      Hi Alex,
      I can do a curly wig, but the straight hair I sew to to doll. Let me know :)

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