The Making of Daisy Mae

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Time to make a new dolly!  Where to start?

Why the hair, of course, my favourite part.

Hmmmm, the red seems to be calling…


Next, roll and mold her head and crochet her wig.

I decided to needle felt her a chin and add some chub to her cheeks.

I have run out of thread and sewing machine needles, so her body and limbs are going to have to wait.


Next to choose a colour palette for Daisy Mae.

I love fall colours, though I cannot wear them myself, but I think they will suit her perfectly!

A floral print dress with pink hues, a forest green felt coat, and a creamy white poncho and hat.


Oh, here is her little face!

If you know my dolls, you know I just love green eyes with red hair, must be the Irish in me!

I decided to tweak my body pattern a bit to let her sit a little easier on her own.

She has a bigger tush, as well as a longer torso, arms and legs.

Looks like Daisy Mae may end up being about 17 inches tall.


Oh, look at you sitting as pretty as a picture!

Daisy Mae’s hair is still not sewn on and she still needs feet, a belly button, and tushy, but she is looking beautiful.


I had a friend over who collects dolls and she suggested that Daisy Mae needs bigger feet…bigger feet it is!

And longer legs too, Daisy Mae is now nearly 20 in.


I just couldn’t resist giving her a pinchable tushie :)


She has just had her photo shoot and she looks so gash darn pretty! Stay tuned in the shop, she should be uploaded any day now :)

Nadine xox

NadineThe Making of Daisy Mae


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