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Boys Need Dolls Too!

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There is nothing Sissy about a doll.

Dolls are not just for girls.

When I have a stall at a market, I often see boys’ faces light up at my table.  For some, it is obvious, for others, a subtle sidelong glance and a gleam in the eyes.

Dolls are important for children.  They use them not only to cuddle at night, but as alter egos for themselves.  In play they act out problems and issues with use of the doll to help resolve and figure things out. Children love to imitate, it’s how they learn.

A big brother can care for a doll just as he sees Mum and Dad doing with the baby.

There is nothing sissy about that!

xox Nadine

NadineBoys Need Dolls Too!


  1. Alex


    I met one of your dolls via a 6 year old the other day and fell in love with her doll ruby. Can’t get them out of my mind. I have a 17month old boy and am thinking of getting him a boy doll. Could you give me a rough quote for the boy pictured on your site?



    1. Author

      Hi Alex,
      Ah, that’s lovely to hear, thanks :)
      A 15 inch boy doll with yarn hair (including a T shirt, undies, knitted shoes and overalls or pants or shorts) is $185 AU plus shipping ($10 in Australia).
      Let me know and I will make you a special listing in the shop section.
      Thanks again,

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