Blessings and Gratitude

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I am feeling very blessed to be able to do what I love and create beautiful things for children all around the world.  I am also very grateful to my husband for creating this website for me (it was my Chrissy gift!).

As a Steiner Mum,  I have learned so much from my children’s teachers and the amazing books I have read (Simplicity Parenting!). We have adopted several rituals into our daily lives, but my favorite has to be at dinnertime.

When dinner is ready and the girls have helped to set the table, we sit down together and it begins.  We light our candle (beeswax, of course), hold hands, and sing a blessing.  I searched the net for Waldorf blessings and this was my favorite:

 Earth who gives us this food
Sun who makes it ripe and good
Dear Sun, dear Earth by you we live
Our loving thanks to you we give

Even our youngest joins in now, though she says “his food,” instead of this food!
The children have to wait before starting on their dinner until we have finished our song (this is REALLY hard for them!).  Singing the song brings reverence to the meal and brings the girls into themselves before eating.

After our song, we begin our meal and go around the table stating what we were grateful for in the day, each taking turns speaking (and listening!).  Most of the time the girls say that they are grateful for whatever the dinner happens to be on their plate at the time (don’t you just love how they live int he moment!), but sometimes they surprise us with something like “I am grateful for my sister.”  The focus is on the positive, ex: on a Rainy day, “I am grateful that our garden got a nice big drink today.”

I am grateful to you for reading this post and hope that, if you don’t already, you join us in a dinner time ritual.


NadineBlessings and Gratitude

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