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Acro Dance Unitard Madness!

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I have flexible children, very flexible children.



Though I coached gymnastics for 13 years, they do not get this from me, believe me.

My girls recently started doing acro dance at our local dance studio. Dance has now become their obsession. They dace ALL THE TIME. My eldest and her bestie make up routines after school and prepare performances for their friends. She is not naturally as flexible as her younger sister (who did the splits as a baby as I changed her nappies), but she works, stretches and practices at it.


acro, dance, unitard, circus

surf, acro, dance, unitard, circus







My girls are my inspiration, not only to become more flexible myself (I’m working on it), but to make them beautiful ┬ádance suits to match their beautiful dances.

I am considering putting custom listings for these dance unitards on my etsy shop. They are asymmetrical with a strap on one shoulder and can be singlet, short, 3/4 or long sleeve on the other side. Also the high waisted shorts, as modelled by my ├╝ber flexy little one.

surf, acro, dance, unitard, circus

acro, dance, unitard, circus



Stay tuned!


xoxacro, circus, dance, unitard

acro, dance, unitard, circus

NadineAcro Dance Unitard Madness!

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