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The Making of Soleil

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Meet the sunny, beautiful Soleil (french for Sun), she is an 18 in Waldorf Inspired Doll.

She has lightly tanned skin and light brown hair from spending so much time playing at the beach.

She has beautiful Brown yes and dark pink lips (did she get into my lipstick, again?).

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Her dress is made from beautiful Cloud 9 organic cotton and features my new ruffled sleeve.


She loves her super soft knitted cardi and Mary Janes knit in a wool/silk blend in her favourite colour turquoise, because it reminds her of the sea.


Her hair is light brown mohair curly weft, which she loves to have finger combed.



11050723_1014346688594579_5589379029458972015_nWaldorf doll










She is now looking for her new mama and is available in my etsy shop.




waldorf doll


NadineThe Making of Soleil

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