Here are a few lovely comments from some of my wonderful customers:


“My daughter received her beautiful doll and fell in love. Her new buddy is very well made and just beautiful. Nadine was quick to reply to my emails about specifications and made the doll (named Fern) just as my daughter dreamed she would look. When you see the care that is put into a Waldorf doll you can see why they cost what they do. I consider Fern an absolute bargain for what she is. Gorgeous and utterly lovable. Thanks again Nadine!”



“I cannot say enough about how beautiful this doll is! She is made with such care and artful expertise! I cannot wait to give her to my daughter for her birthday. Seller has EXCELLENT communication skills and goes above and beyond to keep buyer informed, about the status of doll. I would recommend seller to anyone. A+++”



“This darling Waldorf doll is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen! Her hair is soooo soft, and I just love the way the sweater and dress turned out. How am I going to wait 4 weeks to give this to my daughter for Christmas?! I will definitely be ordering another one in two years when my son turns 3. Excellent seller to work with, I cannot thank you enough!”

-garden birdie


“We purchased a (wooly roo) Waldorf Doll for my daughter’s 6th birthday. When my daughter opened her present she immediately started hugging and kissing me. The doll was absolutely beautiful! The craftwomenship is amazing. Nadine took all of my special requests (colour of mulitcoloured hair, sweater, dress) in stride. She quickly made the doll within a week. We are very impressed and I strongly recommend ordering one of (wooly roo)’s dolls. I think they are the most beautiful ones out there!”



“Amelia is our new little family member, this doll is MAGNIFICENT, made with so much love and good energies, she is strong durable and will last a very very long time, such AMAZING craftsmanship we are more than happy with her, THANK YOU so much from the bottom of our hearts as soon as we showed her to our little 15 months old girl she grabbed her and hugged and stroked her hair right away, a friend she will have for a long long time.I recommend this seller to all () buyers and to anyone thinking about ordering one of these BEAUTIFUL dolls, it is most definitely worth it, love and light.”





  1. beverly mcAllister

    I have ordered your doll sweater pattern. and have made it .i have a problem with the pattern but i know enough about knitting that I was able to complete it tho. at the point where you knit 9 and proceed to the end of row you end up with 88 stitches and them the next row where you knit 10 and then cast off 20 ,…that addresses only 80 stitches. . What have I missed in the directions? If you see there are 8 left over stitches. . Where did I go wrong?

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