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Helping Children on Elimination Diets/Gaps Diet

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GAPS, gaps diet kids, food intoleranceMy daughter Kaia Rose has a sad belly.

She developed a rash at the age of 18 months which started in the crease of her arms and slowly spread to all the spots on her body where her lymph nodes were. We sought help for her from a dermatologist, a homeopath, a naturopath, and a kineseologist. Nothing worked. Well, I did manage to get a homeopathic cream that made the rash go away, like magic, in 2 days, but…it always came back. I started to realise that the problem was inside and needed to be fixed from the inside. The problem was her gut.

As a baby, she always had very smelly gas and a very grumbly tummy.  As she grew older, she would complain that her tummy hurt. She became the “girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead, when she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad she was horrid.”  She would need to be held, not only held, but I had to sway or walk around while holding her. She was grumpy, mean to her sister and father and needed me all the time. I used to think her rash caused her to be so upset, but now I realise it was her belly.

We were a Weston A Price family and I was part of a WAP facebook support group.  It was here that I first heard of the GAPS diet and leaky gut.

We stared the GAPS diet over 7 months ago, and I am so pleased with the improvement in my daughter.  Her results took about 5 months to notice, we nearly threw in the towel several times as nothing seemed to be changing. Fortunately we stuck to it and have a much happier little girl. I began to notice a few months ago that her dark circles had disappeared, her rash was slowly getting better (though not entirely gone), she was sleeping through the night, her hair was growing and it was shiny!  Emotionally, she was a happier girl who didn’t need soothing and scowled so much less.

I have recently come to discover that Kaia may have sensory processing disorder, which I believe resulted from her leaky gut. I did some research and found that the GAPS diet is helpful for SPD, yeah! Our whole family is on GAPS and we are all benefitting from it in many ways.

Kaia Rose was my inspiration for writing my book “Rainbow Bellies.”

GAPS is so wonderful for children, but getting them to do it is another story! It is very restrictive and there are a lot of foods one cannot eat.

This story is a healing story, in more ways than one. Not only does the main character heal her belly, but the children who read the story relate to her and internalise the message of the book.

Kaia Rose, the girl in the story, has a sad belly. One day, while sitting on the toilet, she hears a cry for help coming from her belly. It tells her that it is sad and that she must find her rainbow foods to help make her belly happy. Kaia tries to find her rainbow foods and samples different foods to see what her belly has to say. Unsuccessful, she goes to bed feeling very discouraged. That night Mother Earth comes to her in her dream and helps her to find her Rainbow Food. Kaia Rose eventually finds all the foods that make her belly happy and she, in turn, becomes happier too.

This story has really helped my daughter cope with her plight and I hope it can hep your children as well.

You can find the ebook here.

and the paperback here

Nadine xox

NadineHelping Children on Elimination Diets/Gaps Diet

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