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At Wooly Roo Dolls, I respect your privacy.

If you share comments on the site they are publicly viewable.

Information collected by us on your site activity is anonymous, restricted to google analytics stuff.

Other than that when you share personal information with me, like your contact information, I will use that to reply, or contact you regarding ¬†your order. Also I may send you magical messages from the world of Wooly Roo from time to time. You can ask not to receive these at any time. Trust me, I’m not a fire hose of spam. Perhaps an intermittent checkin, or feedback request.

I wont sell you information on to anyone else, or even share it with any one else. Unless of course, the strong arm of the law makes me. Then I will have to give you up. Nothing personal.

If I want to use your information in any other way than identified above, I will ask for your permission first.

If you want to share my information with anyone you know and love, who’s life would be enriched by contact with Wooly Roo Dolls, please share my images and Url’s freely.



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